Friday, September 5, 2008

A Tropical look...

Things are happening all around. The season is on the threshold of another change; humidity levels are significantly down, there is a refreshing cool touch to the morning breeze, festive season is approaching fast and everyone around seems to be enjoying the welcome change from hot and humid to cool and comfortable. The Rain Gods had something special planned for the monsoon season this time as it saw some exceptionally heavy and consistent rains. And now, with their retreat, the monsoons have left my garden swaying, smiling and all swathed in green. Bathed with nature’s blessings, most of the plants have exhibited an exuberant growth, lending a tropical character to the whole thing. Though, the heavy winds which lashed the place along with rains were poorly withstood by some of my termite infested trees. A consequence of wind and water was the uprooting of a couple of these ashoka trees. In an attempt to immortalize the oldest residents of my garden, I modified the remaining stump to carry these wire baskets, which now stands pretty as a garden feature. One log of wood so derived was hammered in the ground to carry a water bath; a feature heavily inspired by my fellow bloggers. The remaining log was used for making this hanger for my baskets. It seems that Caladiums have enjoyed the rainy weather to the most and now with Autumn seting in its almost time for them to go to their winter sleep. This is the Turmeric or Curcuma longa bloom. It is indeed very pretty and has bloomed for the very first time in my garden probably due to incessant rains providing the right conditions required for the blooming process. Hedychium is a characteristic presence in the garden during rainy season. The beautiful white inflorescence gives the impression of a butterfly bathing in rain. The monsoons i.e. the rainy season is almost over now. At a point of time, because of the excessively wet and humid feel, I was looking forward to its retreat. Now, with the skies all cleared up, the pictures of fresh rain bathed plants and the pearl white rain droplets shining on them, are making me nostalgic.


Anjali Damerla said...

That Turmeric bloom looks awesome.
Did you just plant the whole turmeric ? Let me know. I want to try it here in my back yard.

Claude said...

what beautiful blooms! Here, In Texas, we're just now starting to get our autumn rains... nothing compared to your monsoon of course, but the plants are enjoying it anyway...

Julie said...

Your garden is gorgeous, GT!!!!!
What are those large green leaves with specks of white and pink on them...some sort of Alocacia? They are SWEET!!! Your new cool weather (and drier) sounds wonderful...wish it would hurry and get over here! :)

Chandramouli S said...

Wow! Awesome Greenery! Rains over? Oh! Lucky you, it pours badly when it does here (it's not daily though, but Rainy Season is not yet over)/

Unknown said...

Hi Priyanka,
Such lovely flowers in your garden! Love the way you've used the stumps...very attractive. The crotons are lovely too!

Linda Lunda said...

WOW! what a nice potterygarden!
I also have that white flower in my Thai-Garden... in Sweden I cant have it.

Sunita Mohan said...

You're so right about that 'tropical' look. It does have a very vibrant, energetic feel, doesnt it?
Nice shot of the curcuma but I dont think that is curcuma longa though... that has white bracts. I had the same plants popping up all over my garden in Mumbai a couple of months ago . If you're interested, take a look at
I envy you your hint of cooler weather. Here in MUmbai, after the rains its going to be almost-summer October before it even thinks of cooling down : (

arun62leo said...

hello rajesh priyanka,
yes got through ur blog. august and september blogs are impressive. and seeing all the flowers and their arrangement in ur garden, seems u r in flower blooms. ok fine . keep it up.

Dasbehn said...

Hi!! Lovely snaps.. looks like you have a beautiful garden. I Live in Mumbai and have to do with a few balconies. I havent been growing plants very long, only a couple of years but am completely addicted to it.

I was wondering what plants (flowering preferably) should I get for the rest of this year... the nurseries around seem to be selling Zinnias and Petunias. Could you help??

Green thumb said...

Thanks all for visiting India garden.
@ Anjali-I planted fresh whole turmeric in the month of February. It takes almost 9-10 months for the rhizomes to develp fully. Once the leaves turn yellow, the turmeric is ready to be picked. You should try, its quite easy.
@ Claude- Thanks a lot, monsoon is indeed a lovely time for the garden.
@ Julie- I think you are talking about Caladiums. They resemble Alocasia in leaf shape.
@ Chandramouli- Chennai is indeed famous for its monsoon rains.
@ Kanak- Thanks for your nice words, I'm honoured.
@ Lunda- Hdychiums need a warm weather, I understand why they can't thrive in Sweden.
@ Sunita- thanks for the interest. There is an uncanny similarity between the flowers in your blogpost and the one I claim to be curcuma longa. This is the first time that my turmeric gave off this flower, and on checking the wikipedia too I found the flower to be that of turmeric or 'curcuma longa'. To explain the similarity to the one popping around in your garden, I guess, I'll have to dig a little deeper:-)
@Smruti-Welcome to India garden and thanks for your encouraging words.As far as your query is concerned, Mumbai's weather is very different from my place. Here the season for Zinnias is almost over but sowing of Petunias has just started.Almost all the winter annuals like cineraria, dogflower, phlox, holyhocks etc will be sown in the month of October. You can try Marigold and Chrysanthemums for the coming season.

Unknown said...

I love the re-use of the trunk of the tree. What a beautiful way to recycle. And your picture of your red spider lily caught me immediately, as I have an almost identical picture on a recent post. So funny to see a familiar face in a garden so far away!

Aiyana said...

You have a lovely garden, and have been very creative in your use of objects. Love the photos!

John said...

I would love to visit your country..The flowers are stunning. I always enjoy going to exotic places to see the gardens..Who cares about the beaches etc.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi GreenThumb - I like my small fountain but oh my, the photo with the water bath looks cool - does the water spray over the round stone/concrete area?

I'll have to get my tropical 'fix' here this summer. Too many hot dry days resulted in stressed hedychium with no flowers here, while you worry about too much rain.

Oh dear - just saw that live traffic feed widget. I do not like that thing, dear Green Thumb! Some other bloggers have added it and when I see it - I'm out of there, so good bye!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Gail said...

Your garden is so very lush. I was trying to imagine the humidity and the smells; so different then ours here in Tennessee, USA. We are too dry and could use a bit of rain. Want to share!

clay and limestone

Gail said...

Your garden is so very lush. I was trying to imagine the humidity and the smells; so different then ours here in Tennessee, USA. We are too dry and could use a bit of rain. Want to share!

clay and limestone

Tira said...

Beautiful foliage, blooms and garden features. Again, we have so many plants in common!

Sunita Mohan said...

Here's a link that I have found very reliable when identifying gingers, etc.

This link below takes you directly to the page showing the plant and flowers of curcuma longa.

A visit to this site always gives me a bad case of 'ginger-itis' : D

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Dear Green Thumb your garden looks wonderful as usual so green and lush. I heard you have had really heavy rainfall in Uttar Pradesh Ihope it's over now. Do you want to excange links I would be glad to. LOL Tyra

Julie said...

Hi Green Thumb! I have added a Live Traffic Feed Widget as well, only because I love to see where everyone comes from to visit my blog. I saw Annie in Austins comment and I am wondering what she objects to! Hmmm...
Anyway...thanks for the info about the caladium pic! It really is so "cute" with it's little pink splashes! I have not gotten into bulbs here...maybe i will need to now!!!
Hope your family is doing well.
Best wishes from Florida!

Julie said...

BTW...I love your roses at top of your blog! Beautiful!

sabbaar said...

Beautiful garden...really nice photos

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

How lush your garden looks now, dear Green Thumb, the rain gods must have really blessed your garden this year.

I love it how you've turned something not so good (tree damage) into something very good and pretty like the log carrying the waterbath and the others that are now proudly showing off some of your gorgeous containers and baskets.

Congrats on the Turmeric flowering for the first time in your garden, always such a momentous occasion when a plant flowers for the first time.

Love your Hedychiums, the flowers look indeed like butterflies bathing in the rain. Simply wonderful!

Glad to read that both the humidity and the temperatures have gone down to a more comfortable level. Enjoy the good weather and your wonderfully lush and fragrant (I imagine) garden.

Quail said...

The tropical garden look is exactly what I'm doing in my garden! Your Turmeric is is also the organic spice?


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