Thursday, February 12, 2009

Buds & Blooms

Its spring time! The year has gone by in a jiffy bringing back the lovely season of buds, birds and blooms. It is always wonderful to see a sea of sunshine sweeping the flora which keeps springing everywhere. Plants look happy with the numbing winters behind them. The warriors among the plants, who survived the frigid winters, are standing tall, fully eligible to enjoy the conducive weather, like this fiery red Kalanchoe. And then there are those, like Camelias, which will make their first appearance in my garden this spring. The Annuals which were planted way back in November will now get a chance to show off their blooms. It almost seems like nature’s way of providing delayed gratification to a gardener for having observed restraint throughout the winters. And isn't it gratifying to see the blooming Calendula which appears to radiate a gorgeous glow from inside... Spring has traditionally been represented with the color yellow, and the nausturtium along with the calendula is an apt representation of the season. I was gifted the seeds by a patient which was her way of showing gratitude. But as I see it bloom I feel more grateful to her, than she would have, for this lovely gift. Within a fortnight the theme of the garden has changed from the monochrome of Winters to a riot of spring colors. But everything is not as hunky dory as it appears, on closer look,I found the Hibiscus to be teeming with mealy bugs and it gave me jitters.Spring also brings some problems along with it! Well, a few bugs cannot dilute the sweetness of spring and a good season has to be naturally loved by all life forms; be it bugs or mosquitoes. So they are welcome here provided they do not mess around much with my spring blooms. That seems to be the sentiment of these pansies lost pensively in deep thought The buds and the blooms, together on plants, offer a lovely present and promise an even better future. Spring won’t last forever. And thankfully so. All good things loose their charm when they become a routine and we don’t want the charm of our precious spring season diluted…do we?


Jan said...

Hi Green Thumb, it's great to read your post! I cannot believe these are blooming in your yard right now! They are all amazing. I can't comment on any particular one...they're all worthy of their own write-up!!!
Enjoy your spring, while it lasts!!!

Julie said...

You are so right...I am thankful for the changing seasons!!! You have some lovely blooms there, GT!!! Looking good! I wish I could grow Camellias here...they grow in 1 zone north of here, but it is too hot for them in zone 10! Sadly for me!

Anonymous said...

Loved the visit to your blooming garden through ur post.

Chandramouli S said...

Wow, GT, lovely words with lovely blooms. Somehow your words and blooms weave together well as if they were meant to be so! You Calendula looks more lively than my bloom last year.
Arrghh! I know those mealy bugs are such a pain, and hope they don't mess with your lovely blooms.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

How lovely that it's spring already in your garden. Thanks for sharing your bounty with us, it looks so very colourfull and joyous!

Mealy bugs, brrrrrrr!

It's not yet spring here but within a few weeks time it should arrive, I hope. ;-)

Claude said...

What wonderful color you have right now. We're still brown here, but things are starting to brighten up. We have a few daffodils blooming, I posted a pic earlier this week, and spring is more or less around the corner here. I'm bored of winter, and can't wait to become bored of spring!

Anonymous said...

Poor pansies, looking so gloomy :)

Unknown said...

Lovely set of blooms GT. And what a thoughtful gift from a patient..I've always loved the vibrant colours of the calendula and nasturtium.

Matron said...

It looks like you have Spring and sunshine over there now. I can enjoy your wonderful photos and only wait for it to happen here!

Tira said...

Lots of beautiful blooms-all that soft romantic colour. Happy springtime!

Anonymous said...

I really do love your photos, you are clearly very talented, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

So, there is hope for spring coming this way. Yours is clearly full of color and life. Enjoy!

Aiyana said...

Very nice flowers. We are not quite in spring--it's not winter either. Sort of a transition time that usually lasts about 3 weeks. I see a lot of signs of spring, a few blooming wildflowers, some minute buds on a couple of cacti, but the best is yet to come!

Sunita Mohan said...

Isnt it exciting? Every part of the garden seems to be chanting, 'busy, busy, busy..." :)Your blooms look gorgeous and I'm a bit envious ... my calendulas refused to even sprout :( So I'll just enjoy them in your garden instead!

Anonymous said...


First of all i would like to congratulate u for having such a wonderful garden. Undoubtedly, u r a passionate gardener.

I come from a small town called ARA in Bihar and i want to grow some fast growing trees in my garden..actually all around my house that it looks good, more private and also minimises the outside dust and pollution. Would be really grateful if you please advice me.

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Anonymous said...

Been looking for tips on looking after plants and chanced upon your blog. im in awe. you have such beautiful plants. i am a novice but trying to grow plants on my terrace in delhi.two question
what is the name of the 5th picture from top in your latest post.
COuld i mail you on and off and get ideas on how to keep my plants going?

Denise Rosier said...

I enjoyed your photos - especially that lovely rosy/peach color of the dahlia (?). I hope this finds you having a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hello GreenThumb,

Awesome photos.
Your wait for the calendula blooms were worth every sec. The Calendula I have right now has a yellow centre(head).So many varieties....

The pansy faces are so cute too. I had some pansies but was not successful in getting them to the stage where they can bloom. Kept losing them..
Any advice?


Anonymous said...

Hello GreenThumb,

Awesome photos.
Your wait for the calendula blooms were worth every sec. The Calendula I have right now has a yellow centre(head).So many varieties....

The pansy faces are so cute too. I had some pansies but was not successful in getting them to the stage where they can bloom. Kept losing them..
Any advice?


Annie in Austin said...

That last sentence sounds a little tentative, Green Thumb, as if you perhaps wouldn't mind one bit if that pale pink rose and pale pink poppy and coral dahlia and bright calendula stayed in bloom all year round!

Your garden looks beautiful - and it's fun to see how in the previous post your daughter is always posed with flowers as the background.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Yes, spring has indeed arrived and with it have arrived good spirits.Your blog is lovely.

By the way what do you do to control the black insects seen on your kalanchoe?


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