Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Feel of Autumn

Things are going to be good for next five months; the weather I love most is here. Finally, I can say that autumn has arrived.This year saw a protracted spell of heat and humidity with less than expected rains. Therefore, after the harsh heat and heavy humidity, the soft cool caress of autumn feels divine. To max the autumn fun is the vivacious atmosphere created by Pre-Diwali preparations. During these days life goes on at a hectic but interesting pace. And it is not only the bipeds who are having an interestingly busy autumn, even the quadruped here is kicking his feet, celebrating the jovial weather. There is a sudden flurry of activity. The beautiful butterflies flitting in and out…The colorful caterpillars are in competition for the green leaves. Soon nature will molt one beauty into another... more elegant... more colorful. the squirrels busy mixing fun with the serious business of storing food for the waiting winters, the birds merrily perching on the post monsoon lush greenery… Autumn feels like a second spring. And unlike spring which is followed by summer and its accompanying side effects, autumn brings in winters, which may be cold, numb, sedate, but still feel better than the grime of summers. For me, the best way to enjoy winters is from under a heavy cotton quilt with a strong cup of coffee in hand; and the Groggy eyes peeking at the first rays of Sun falling on the blooms of roses and chrysanthemums on a really lazy Sunday…utopia!


sweetbay said...

I love your descriptions of the changing seasons.... autumn is such a wonderful time of year.

islandgal246 said...

Good for you that the weather has started to cool. I have to wait until mid December to really feel a coolness in the air unless there is an early freeze in North America. Happy Happy Diwali!

lotusleaf said...

Poetic description of autumn! I like it too , and the winter that follows it .

Green thumb said...

@Sweetbay - Thanks for your appreciation. My mood is always on cloud nine in Autumn:-)

@islandgal - Thank you dear Helen. I guess because of the substantial diaspora Diwali might be an important date in the calendar there too.

lotusleaf - thanks for the visit. Autumn inspires the poet in even the driest of people...like me:-)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Glad you finally got some decent weather. Here it's nice as well, sunny but getting a bit too nippy for comfort at night. The central heating is on both in the mornings and evenings as temperatures are dropping. And dropping. But during the day it's blissfully sunny and Tara and I are out and about, much like you and Max, I suppose.

Mini said...

Ooh that butterfly is beautiful!

Pablo (yo) said...

Great blog!!
if you like, come back and visit mine:

Pablo from Argentina

Victoria said...

What a beautiful blog! Your photos are exquisite! I am in love with that little bird up in the tree..he or she is gorgeous! Stunning photos..I enjoyed my visit here and will be back!! Lovely!!

Green thumb said...

@Yolanda Elizabet - Welcome dear Y.E. It is such a great contrast - I look forward to cozy winters, while the same can be said for summers at your place!

@Mini - welcome to Indiagarden. Butterflies are nature's boastful display of its artiness.

@Pablo - thanks and welcome to Indiagarden.

@Kiki - thanks dear Kiki. And I am in love with your blog, its wonderful!

maria cecilia said...

Hello Green Thumb, hope everything is going well with you... so nice to hear the weather is becoming much nicer to you. In what part of the country is your city??
Would love if you come to see how my Wisteria has bloom this year.

maria cecilia said...

Hello, me again, wanted to say that your garlic wine is wonderful, never saw one before. Does it smells like garlic??
maría cecilia

Green thumb said...

Hi Maria. My city, saharanpur, lies in the northern part of the country, at a distance of about 160 kms north of national capital, Delhi.
Thanks for finding my garlic wine interesting. It does smell heavily of Garlic but only when its leaves are crushed.

Autumn Belle said...

I love all the wildlife you are featuring here, especially the orange butterfly and ooooh! The caterpillars looks so beautiful. Your great writing skills makes this post so nice to read.

Carol said...

What a beautiful post and I can only imagine how nice it must be to have cooler weather after intense heat. I love the bird with the black head and red rump! What a beauty! Those caterpillars too! Lovely! It felt like winter here today and yesterday 28 degrees F. and Snow this morning! A heavy quilt indeed! Enjoy your Autumn! Carol

Julie said...

Happy Festival time, GT! I don't know how I missed your post here, but what beautiful shots of your garden and the lovely caterpillars! Have a wonderful time!

I absolutely LOVED your description of your favorite way to spend a winter Sunday under the heavy quilt...oh my...just heavenly!


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