Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Who would consider an egg-plant beautiful? But today I found this little piece of art hanging in my garden. I caught this beauty on my camera and now here I share my treasure with all of you.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Winters are here! And my plants, sure can feel that, as is evident from the way Buddha belly Plant is showing its disapproval by shedding of its leaves. Caladiums too seem eager for a winter sleep. But then, someone does seem happy with the turn of the seasons, roses are in full bloom as if mocking the other plants with their freshness and vitality. And Kalanchoe too are enjoying the chilly winter breeze and are blooming beautifully.
My angel taking a stroll down the garden lanes.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My garden, at present, is blooming with Chrysanthemums. A hardy plant, not very exacting in requirements, Chrysanthemums increase the richness and beauty of your garden .I planted the cuttings in month of july and the plants were ready to be transplanted in the flowerbed in one month. When the plants were about six to eight inches their headshoots were pinched off.The sideshoots, thus produced were further pinched when they were about six inches long. This makes the plants bushy and increases the blooms. Also the compact plant does not tumble under the weight of its own flowers. Chrysanthemums love well drained loamy soil. Application of organic manure greatly increases the flower Yield. The hybrid varieties produce beautiful Ball shaped flowers when only one bud is allowed to mature.

Thursday, December 7, 2006


Welcome to the world of greens.How difficult it is to imagine a world without greenery. The mere sight of a plant with blooms or a fruit laden tree gives a feeling of contentment which is unparalleled especially if you have tended to them from the very beginning.Its a well established fact that plants are a great stress-buster.All my worries and tension vanish whenever I am with my plants. In the coming days I will share my gardening experiences with people of similar interests as mine and at the same time I'll also try to enrich my existing gardening knowledge by interacting with them.


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