Saturday, October 20, 2012

It takes two to tango!

You know that life is chugging back to its wonderful old leisurely pace when things start happening the way they used to happen. Finally I have been able to bring myself back to sit down and write my thoughts. Ever since I started blogging about my plants and my world there have been instances when I felt that I have nothing left to show in the garden, no ideas to share, no new things to write about; and every time I missed writing the post on account of a ‘block’ I rued it; but not this time.
This time there was a strong and a very welcome reason for the absence. SHE is the reason:

She is the second fairy to have blessed my life and life seems beautiful with the sweet gurgles and coos. I can only imagine this little sapling too to blossom with a love for nature and plants, like her elder sibling.

Gardening didn’t exactly get neglected but wasn’t there on the priority list for some time, so though whatever was there has been preserved but nothing new has been added. Now is the time when the garden is back on radar and I am looking forward to the uber pleasure of tending to all the little things which make this life beautiful and worth living.


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