Sunday, July 27, 2008

Chill(y)ing out!

There are peppers to tingle your taste buds, to make you sweat and cry, to squeeze your salivary juices out... But then there are some which delight you by their sheer presence!! You do not generally eat them or add them to any cuisine, but like some exotic expensive stone, they adorn the garden and add to its beauty and value. These are the ornamental peppers – the jewels of my garden. Whenever I have been visited by a friend or a neighbor, who has even a remote interest in gardening, these beauties have caught the beholder’s attention. And, very proudly, now and then, have I deliberately flaunted the gems to anyone who was impertinent enough to not to ask me about them. I first spotted these peppers at a wayside resort. They caught my fancy and I wanted them immediately, and very desperately, for my own garden. It was my garden help who arranged for the seeds from different places, as we do not yet have an organized seed shop network in my city. That gives me an idea to pioneer a seed shop network here:-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogging Sentiments

Last several months forced me to compromise on many things as there was too much going on at the same time in life. I poked my head into several things at once which included professional up gradation and increased responsibilities on my work front. And thus, I had to be away from two of my greatest stress busters – gardening and blogging. It was especially the latter which I rued missing most. Over the time giving and receiving comments, blog hopping, writing posts, photography from a bloggers’ perspective etc have become an essential way of life. Not reading my favorite blogs starts giving me withdrawal symptoms, just the way the absence of morning newspaper makes me jittery. Devoid of my daily dose of addiction had me thinking on the marvel of this level of interaction; an experience of ‘Bliss’ while soaked in Indian humidity, Transplanting Roses’ while sipping on the morning Tea; a taste of ‘little corner of Paradise’ at the press of a button, or shall we say, click of a mouse; looking at the smudges on Earth Paint and Life while smoothening the creases on the bed sheet enjoying ‘maydreams’ while rubbing the sleepy morning eyes; traveling to and with the ‘Caribbean gardener’ all over the globe while wondering on menu for the breakfast; a peep over the ‘Balcony gardener’s’ exploits while my little gardener gets ready for the school; or may be treating my visual senses to some beautiful ‘Succulent Life’ as the day starts for me on a high note thanks to all the wonderful fellow bloggers … The list is exhaustive and growing! And I consider myself privileged to have been found worthy of a blog visit by my fellow bloggers, whose words and posts are a constant companion to my thoughts even if I myself find it difficult to be very regular in posting.


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