Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rain drops bring Green Visitor!

One can never trust the weatherman! At first the forecast was of normal monsoons, then they modified it to a delayed but normal monsoon, and now it is delayed and subnormal monsoon. I guess its just another euphemism for telling that we might have the spectre of drought staring at us. Well, we did have some rains lately and they were enough to infuse a sense of freshness in the whole ambience. This colorful birdie flew in to add to the ambience with its myriad moods and expressions, and was patient enough to pose for me. Nicely camouflaged between the green leaves this Parrot was busy feasting on the sunflower seeds. A little zoom and his antics were more apparent. My loving gaze failed to flatter him and he shifted his location thinking that he’ll have more privacy atop the Mango tree. But, oh no! Horrors of horrors…the sunflower stalk escaped his beak and fell down. 'Look at the impertinence of this lady; she is reveling in my misery, let that camera meet the same fate as my food and then I’ll love to see the look on her face.' 'Hey! You wanna shoot me? Well then, take this….''How about this…'


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