Friday, August 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day August 2008

15th August, 2008, time for the gardener to revel in and showcase the blooms which greet her eyes every morning. It is a typical monsoon day at Indiagarden with rain clouds looming large in the sky and the plants swaying with ‘green’ abandon. Today happens to be my Country’s Independence Day as well. Therefore, as a respect to my National Flag and the soil of the country, which has given me so much, literally, I arranged these blooms in the colors of the National Flag – Saffron, white and Green. Here goes my bloom list;These two blooms are a new addition to my ever increasing garden family,the nursery person told me the plant's name is Francisia but when I googled it there was not much info. Any help, friends? Dwarf Ixora-This plant was in my bloom list last year too, but it could not survive the harsh winters and perished. This is a new plant. Touch me not or Mimosa pudica-So delicate! Canna Lily Buddha Belly plant or Jatropha podagrica Colocasia> bloom Purslane or Portulaca oleracea in lovely vibrant colours. Spider Lily Shrimp plant or Pachystachys lutea -This is also a recent addition to my garden; very interesting flower! Dwarf Mussaenda or Mussaenda Glabra Hedychium coronarium Rose Plumbago and Periwinkle amidst some soothing green Last but not the least I present the first flower of my Water lily . Oh, I can't wait for it to open! P.S.-Thanks to my blogging friends for identifying my mysterious flower as Ruellia Brittoniana.. it is also known as Mexican Petunia.


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