Saturday, November 15, 2008


A gentle blast of chilly air greeted me as I woke up today morning to open the door. Any trace of sleep which was there completely evaporated; winters are here, and for next couple of months I’ll wake anxiously everyday to check if the blooms are still there. Despite the impending gloom, right now there is a lot in bloom! (Please excuse my feeble attempts at poetry). Autumn feels like a second spring as the garden still has many birds and blooms, and the temperatures are very pleasant. So as of now I can still very proudly boast of a bloom list for this GBBD as part of the monthly blooging event started by Carol at Maydreamgardens: Celosia with Salvia in backdrop Calliandra emarginata or Powder Puff Butterfly weed Dracaena in bloom, I've seen it bloom for the first time Hedychium Coronarium Rangoon creeper or Quisqualis Indica Gladioli Bouganvillea Lemonia or Ravenia spectabilis Euphorbia milli Yellow lantana Poinsettia and my first set of Chrysanthemums Kalanchoe

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Little changes which make life more beautiful!

Before the blogging stuff came in life, life was like living on an island. The place where I live in does not have many people sharing an interest in plants and gardening. And, when you are left to yourself, feeding on information from boring magazines and your own imagination, productive ideas are hard to come by. But, thanks to the blogosphere, there’s inspiration all around. Almost two years and a thousand blog posts read down the line I feel that the blogging gardeners all over the globe are the creatively most accomplished lot. I have been very inspired and compelled to introduce little changes in the green cover at my disposal. It is a great feeling to savor even the tiniest addition or substitution one brings about. A couple of months back I sat wondering on the rearrangements I could do to keep my excitement quotient high, it was then that this neglected swing was decided to be given a touch of green with the help of Thunbergia Grandiflora vine. Then was the turn for some groundwork or some ground breaking work. With a little help from the garden help the area under the swing was modified to accommodate few plants; enjoy nature with life on the upswing, literally. I know I know that the iron supports need painting, but life is long and one has to have tasks lined up for that elusive ‘tomorrow’. This fellow was looking a bit sad. On closer inspection I felt that it was the slightly denuded look which was giving it an inferiority complex. A little touch here, a little touch there, some soil and some ribbon plant, the birdie is back preening and flaunting its feather. If its change you are talking about then everyone has to contribute, that’s what I made these turtles realize. Realize they did as they carry a turtleload of plants to its destination. The terra-coated Piscean also chipped in, albeit disgruntingly, with its contribution. Meanwhile I tried to create a dish garden in this oval terracotta pot. With everyone racking their brains to come up with ideas, my little one was busy wracking this – what was before her onslaught – a beautiful lamp. As the recent theme in my life was creation, I convinced the remaining base of the glass lamp to behave as a flower pot! The department of destruction is spearheaded by my daughter, but sometimes the weather outperforms even her. A stump is all what was left of this Ashoka tree after a particularly heavy storm; a little rearrangement and two hanging baskets made this relic standout in the lawn. The last time when I had mentioned this desperate modification the baskets had an empty look, but with the Sedums, ivy and pilea hanging out, it is giving a more satisfying appearance. Surfing thru the local market, I got these wall mountable stands. The place is famous for this sort of stuff and the choice was really difficult but I settled for these two. I gave them the pride of place in my verandah. Change is that necessary ingredient, the essential spice without which the dish of life tastes insipid, boring. I hope I can always bring about these little positive changes not only in my garden, but also in my life and world as a whole…

Monday, November 3, 2008

I shot a Birdie

I have grown up in awe of these remarkable specimens of nature, gliding effortlessly over sea and sand. They have been a constant companion with their shrill cacophony heralding the dawn of a fresh new day. As I close my eyes to loose myself in the cocktail of chirps, I can feel a sense of relaxation engulfing me. Though, not everything is hunky dory with having these avian creatures around. Many a times they have proved to be a nemesis, discharging their effluents at my front entrance; a constant source of embarrassment for me, as I sheepishly point overhead to address the unimpressed look on a visitor’s face. Some of them think that they have a permanent right to this property, so much so that Bruno’s venture in their territory was treated with utmost contempt. He was told in no uncertain words to back off or face the consequences, the expression in the eyes of the squatter said it all. Not all the winged visitors share the belligerence of these eagles; some are the true messengers of peace. Perching atop this rusted piece of iron, surveying the flora was this dove with the kindest expression in the eyes; a sharp contrast to the expression my dog got from the incorrigible eagle. This one dropped by to have a bird's eye view of my garden... ...found it worthy of a closer look... And, while the avian antics continue in the garden, this little fellow was busy enjoying a peck at the wood stump. An egret bird drops by quite regularly, seemingly to enjoy a healthy diet of insects in the lawn. In the back portion Mr. Rooster was showing off his delicate balancing act on one foot. Well, he actually is a neighbor’s food which accidentally strayed in the back portion of the compound; poor fellow, ignorantly preening in his possibly final act! The little birdie, who probably is a yellow-billed Babbler, along with its fellows creates a huge ruckus, but from the countenance, he doesn’t look very happy today.!My siesta was disturbed by a panicky commotion in the verandah and on checking I found this Rufous Treepie which had accidently dropped in the verandah was now finding it difficult to locate the way out. And sometimes a garden is the best place for a couple to reflect on…life…its meaning…the purpose…etc As another hectic day of searching and flying closes, this eagle appears to relax broodingly, atop an electricity pole - relaxing atop an electricity pole sounds fairly paradoxical! The presence of these lovely charmers is a for-granted thing in our lives, but for a moment if we close our eyes and imagine a garden without their chirps, the hollowness, the ennui that will follow in our lives becomes evident.


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