Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Unfurling!

There are few things more fascinating than to be able to watch and record the unfolding of the beauty of flowers in its various stages day after day. This Spring I had the good fortune of watching and clicking the various stages of the Alpinia Zerumbet flower right from the bud to bloom. This plant is a native of India and has – as told by wikipedia – spread to Brazil and other areas. The transformation from bud to bloom happened in a matter of a week, so I didn’t really have to be very perseverant in getting the successive stages on the camera. I guess it will continue to look good for few more days, and after that I am not quite sure what its fate will be, because, although the internet tells me that it bears lovely looking fruits after this stage, but my past experience has not been very good as the flowers tend to fall off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

GBBD April-2009

Mid April is a season of mixed blessings here in Indiagrden. The spring blooms are ebbing away and summer annuals are gradually showing up. It is a cauldron of gifts from both the seasons which I display here as a part of GBBD post started by Carol of Maydreamgardens.Petunia Chincherinchee Rose Crape jasmine Dahlia Brunfelsia americana Hibiscus Hollyhock Easter Lily Gladioli Gaillardia Plumbago BouganvilleaThese are the babies I nurtured over the late winter and spring season. Some of them will not survive the harsh summers and will be replaced by their summer cousins. Winter, spring or summers, it is a show which goes on; the characters change but the show goes on….

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sensual Spring Garden!

It is a divine experience to be able to gratify all your special senses; and the spring season is a taste of precisely that divinity! The invigorating all pervading aroma of the spring blooms is a treat for the sense of smell; the soft heavenly touch of the petals makes one thank nature for this wonderful special sense; the colorful, bloom-full sight beholding is a feast for the eyes; and, if we close our eyes to focus on the sounds around us, the sounds of nature, produced by the abundance of life forms during spring, regales the hearing sense in so many ways. The vegetable garden completes the sensuous trip by gratifying the taste buds. And, the visual appeal is matching too! A garden full of flowers is a beautiful sight for anyone, but a healthy vegetable garden provides me with a satisfaction no bloom can. This part of the garden and its produce is meant for no one else but me and my people (that doesn’t mean that I loathe sharing them. Good neighbors – if that doesn’t sound like an oxymoron – are most welcome!). A matronly attitude towards the vegetables ensures that they respond to the affection by becoming hale, hearty and plump! The veggies sure have lots of substance, but they are not to be left behind in style too. They sure can shoot a bloom or two to prove a point. And, sometimes they throw a pretty picture showing between the flowers giving the latter a huge complex! Although, sitting on the cusp of seasons of salubrious spring and sordid scorching summers, there is a gradual dwindling of blooms, yet there is so much to look forward to in the vegetable garden. Thank God for the change of seasons that we can appreciate the variety in life, without which life would have been tasteless…literally.


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