Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Garden is an ever changing place, brimming with life, with something new being added everyday. Be it the new bud which sprouts, the flower that freshly blooms or the winged garden visitor that chances upon this humble abode; things never remain constant. These are the ways nature acts to continually keep its creations interesting, and as is human nature I too felt compelled to add my own bit to the change, which I did by adding some Pots I bought from the roadside earthenware Pot vendors in Delhi. These beautiful earthenware pots are an ode to the potter’s wheel which is losing its relevance in the contemporary world to mechanization and Plastics. Cheap, Eco-friendly and very suitable for plant growth, these Pots, in various shapes and sizes are a delight to grow plants in. In a Hot and dry place, as is my part of the world, these earthenware pots are almost, and thankfully, irreplaceable; by virtue of their porosity they keep the plants cool even with scorching temperatures outside. Gardening has been one area where the synthetic alternatives have still not proved equal to a basic earthenware or clay pot, and thus, has ensured survival of traditional clay pottery art. A small time town near Indian Capital city, called Khurja, has developed this special kind of ceramic pottery painted in vibrant blue colors; a unique combination of clay with quartz and Feldspar, lending a lustrous sheen to the product. This beautiful creation from the austere Clay has put an otherwise non-descript town of Khurja on World Map. Thanks to the revival of an interest in ethnic and retro, the good things of past are making a come back.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day April08

Time sure runs fast, especially Spring season, which always appears ephemeral. Just a few days back – or so it seems – I was complaining about too much cold, and in a jiffy seasons have changed; already spring is beating a retreat. But, not before I have caught the spring splendor with the same old eyes behind a new pair of camera lenses. So here I enlist the blooms at Indiagarden as part of GBBD started by Carol at Maydreamgardens: Pansy Lantana Pink Oleander Roses Pentas Hollyhock Tomato bloom Californian Poppy Onion Bloom Pomegranate Carrot Flowers Gazanias Candytuft Gaillardia Marigold

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Sentiments

Some things simply prove to be a blessing in disguise! My old digicam developed some strange snag and won’t work howsoever hard I may try, it was pure misery. The first couple of days went showing the thing around to supposedly more electronically oriented friends of mine, but the problem, it seemed, was even beyond their technologically superior brains. It is so remarkable that whenever you are deprived of something, you yearn for it the most; precisely that happened to me as I saw beautiful blooms and butterflies, bees and birds, things I failed to appreciate with a working camera, but were beckoning when the damned camera won’t work.It was then that I decided that the time is ripe to reward myself with a brand new camera, a Sony cybershot H10. Armed with my new acquisition I set out to capture the dwindling charm of Spring in retreat. It is still a Rosy picture with spring deciding to stay a few more days before it is officially the start of summer season. Daytime temperatures are touching 33-35degreeC and the petals of this giant Dahlia appear to be a metaphor for the blazing Sunrays. Spring is comfortable and beautiful, and with it go the gorgeous butterflies but not before they have done their bit to help propagate the blooms. This little fruit is going to grow all the way into a sweet, luscious Mango and with my taste buds tingling in anticipation; I’ve a very delectable reason to look forward to summers. But these are the blooms in my life which do not come and go with season, which need more than usual pampering but then they also reward with such warm licks and hugs…


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