Saturday, March 21, 2009

Be(e)having with the Environment!!!

The other day I was reading a report about the effect pesticides have had on the pollination activity. According to the report there has been a drastic fall in pollination because of the reduction of bee population which further was due mainly to indiscriminate pesticide spraying. The Bee count in the apiaries, which leased out there Bees for pollination, has gone down.Commercial considerations have subverted every ethic in the market. We want quick fire solutions for everything without sparing a thought on the long term implications of our act. If this is true then we are surely heading for an environmental disaster. Imagine a world dotted with geometrically crafted gardens, filled with plastic plants in all shades and colors, a blue rose with the smell of touch me nots, laser light illusions, flowers that transform on a mere touch, fragrant blooms whose fragrance can be altered from say that of a lily to lavender at the touch of a button…! Somehow this scenario may sound fantastic to a lover of science, but is most scary for an ordinary mortal like me who wants to bequeath this earth to her children with all its uncontaminated natural beauty. Where a flower is a God’s creation, a gift for the living being’s visual senses, and not some factory crafted, made to order, perfumed stuff created to cater to a market. May be unlike impending fossil fuel shortage, these ‘little’ environmental problems do not compel us to press the panic button…not yet. And that is the reason why no wars are going to be fought over honeybees; no one is playing politics over their possession, and no one is earning Honeybee-dollars.To discuss issues like the ozone layer depletion and global warming have become something of a fad, but hopefully we’ll soon realize the other slow changes as well which have been accruing because of man-made activities, and stop fiddling with nature before it is too late.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Garden Blogger's Blooms Day March 2009

March GBBD is the most interesting mid month bloom display post for me. Unfortunately I missed posting for GBBD last month. But not this time as the garden is in its prime, bustling with blooms, and all other commitments can wait as it is not every month that you can display your blooms with a mixture of pride and satisfaction. Evolution of a home garden is such an apt reflection of our own evolvement as humans with time. There has been a gradual positive change in the character and contents of the garden. The range of plants, their arrangement in the garden, the quality of blooms, everything has shown an improvement from previous years. Spring imparts a Midas touch as almost everything which is supposed to bloom, blooms. And, its thanks to the magic of Spring that there is a veritable feast for eyes which I share here as a part of GBBD started by Carol of Maydreamgardens: Dimorphotheca Gazania Lemon Bloom Begonias Bottle Brush Rose Dahlias Ice Flower A rose bud with Marigolds in background Brachycomes and Kalanchoe Poppies Nasturtium with Verbenas


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