Thursday, September 25, 2008

Changing Colours

Fresh crispy mornings and sunny noon of late September give an All-is-well feeling, especially as they were preceded by the humid, sunless, dull grey of the rainy season. But, in the month of June the first bout of rain accompanied with same dull grey skies was more than welcome, since it had followed the scorching hot summers! Yes, I do live in a place where we experience some extreme weather conditions, and the good thing is that as soon you start getting bored with a particular weather situation, there are signs of change visible. Change is the most permanent feature of our existence, and it is this change which gives and adds color to our lives; Something beautifully exemplified by the Brunfelsia flower, which was purple yesterday,has turned pale Lavender today and will turn white tommorow-so aptly named Yesterday, Today and Tommorow! That is one reason why I love gardening, because a garden is ever changing. A stroll in the garden and you find color and a constantly changing flora all around, which is so very essential to prevent the monotony in life, a refreshing detour from the daily humdrum. The garden is such an apt reflection of nature’s colorful creative abilities with a myriad of colors in all hues and shades. In fact all the colors existing in the nature have a reason. The bright colors make the flowers look attractive and easily locatable. Animals, including we humans are attracted to it, and help in the process of pollination. It is said that one should keep mixing the colors of fruits and vegetables in the diet, as it aids the body in getting a wide variety of antioxidants and vitamins. The bright color fruits are particularly rich in these pigments with anti-oxidative properties. Colors keep us happy and gay, helping to keep the day’s blues and grey away. And, there are some whose presence alone is enough to make the life appear colorful…

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Tropical look...

Things are happening all around. The season is on the threshold of another change; humidity levels are significantly down, there is a refreshing cool touch to the morning breeze, festive season is approaching fast and everyone around seems to be enjoying the welcome change from hot and humid to cool and comfortable. The Rain Gods had something special planned for the monsoon season this time as it saw some exceptionally heavy and consistent rains. And now, with their retreat, the monsoons have left my garden swaying, smiling and all swathed in green. Bathed with nature’s blessings, most of the plants have exhibited an exuberant growth, lending a tropical character to the whole thing. Though, the heavy winds which lashed the place along with rains were poorly withstood by some of my termite infested trees. A consequence of wind and water was the uprooting of a couple of these ashoka trees. In an attempt to immortalize the oldest residents of my garden, I modified the remaining stump to carry these wire baskets, which now stands pretty as a garden feature. One log of wood so derived was hammered in the ground to carry a water bath; a feature heavily inspired by my fellow bloggers. The remaining log was used for making this hanger for my baskets. It seems that Caladiums have enjoyed the rainy weather to the most and now with Autumn seting in its almost time for them to go to their winter sleep. This is the Turmeric or Curcuma longa bloom. It is indeed very pretty and has bloomed for the very first time in my garden probably due to incessant rains providing the right conditions required for the blooming process. Hedychium is a characteristic presence in the garden during rainy season. The beautiful white inflorescence gives the impression of a butterfly bathing in rain. The monsoons i.e. the rainy season is almost over now. At a point of time, because of the excessively wet and humid feel, I was looking forward to its retreat. Now, with the skies all cleared up, the pictures of fresh rain bathed plants and the pearl white rain droplets shining on them, are making me nostalgic.


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