Friday, February 23, 2007

My Croton Collection

DO FLOWERS ALONE MAKE A PLANT LOOK BEAUTIFUL??? Certainly not! a look at these beauties testifies to the artist nature is. No flowers, just the leaves with a mixture of colour and variations in pattern.


Colin and Carol said...

You have now been
taggedGreen Thumb!

Tira said...

These are beautiful, esp the oriental looking one and the one with red ribs. I have developed a passion for crotons and have caught about 30 types from cuttings collected from friends everywhere. I am training some as topiaries. These plants look young, did you get them recently?

LadyLuz said...

These, and others with interesting multi-coloured leaves have a beauty of their own, I think. In the hot winds we get down here, they have to be kept indoors and sprayed otherwise they shrivel up before your eyes.

I love the blue pot and it has given me a new idea for mosaicing. Thank you.

I look forward to your response to Colin & Carol's tagging you. Oooo, pressure, pressure!

Green thumb said...

Nicole you are right ,these are new plants.I purchased them from from a nursery a few days back only.The one in blue pot is one ix months old.
Ladyluz,you have very rightly pointed out the care they demand during hot weather.

Unknown said...

Hallo there,

It's very nice collection you have.

I also have a few collection of crotons back home.

I wonder, if I can purchase or something like that. How do I do so ?

Who do I contact to in your country?

Best Regard,

Zulfikar, in Indonesia

Unknown said...

u can contact me to this e-mail:

look forward for your further info.

many tanks. :-)

Julie said...

Oh, I just adore the look of crotons! There is a house in my neighborhood that is a sort of darker tan color, and it has a tomato red front door (which I dearly love)...and they have, out in the front at the corner of their carport, a huge absolutely stunning multicolored croton that just unifies the colors of the house! I will have to take a pic so you can see it! These plants cause an allergic reaction in my Mom, so I am always afraid I may have the same problem. I only have one very large plant in the back yard, but my husband cuts it, and I stay away! :)


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