Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring is in the air

What a lovely morning it was today! I woke up to a welcome draft of cool soft breeze bringing with it the mixed aroma of spring flowers. The Sun was already shining bright on the spring bloom. Rather queer and quaint was a cluster of dark clouds in the periphery producing a mix of shade and sunshineI could not resist outdoors to enjoy the heavenly spring, ephemeral, as shortly the scorching summer will parch my plants.Bruno too was enjoying himself taking an invigorating stroll in the lawn, constantly alert to any piece of ‘non-vegetarian’, dropped accidentally by a surveying eagle in my vegetable garden’, as he is denied that luxury in his usual meals. There in my kitchen garden I found that the rhizomes of colocasia I had sown around two months back had given out their first set of leaves. Colocasia or ‘Aravi,’ as it is known in local dialect, is valued for its tasty rhizomes. These are first boiled or fried to remove the slightly acrid taste. At some places the leaves too are fried with gram flour and eaten for their tingling after taste. All the plants seemed to be enjoying the sun and the spring but these fluorescent blue cineraria appealed to me the most. Their brilliant blue somehow enables me to rid myself of those ‘Morning Blues’ which strike me from time to time. A perfect contrast to the blue was being provided by the beautiful bottle brushes, swaying gently with the breeze. Finally with the morning survey complete I strutted to the house with a twinkle in my eyes and spring in my steps.


Tira said...

Yes, one can definitely see how so many beautiful things in your garden uplifts the mood.I love your bottlebrushes-I have been trying very hard to catch a sapling.

Gowri said...

Bottle brushes look gorgeous! And I loved the "Morning Blues" too!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Very pretty it all looks. Bruno was enjoying himself a lot!

Cineraria is a houseplant here, I wish I could grow it outside too.

Enjoy spring while it lasts!

kate said...

Your Colocasia and bottlebrushes are lovely.

I had to smile when I saw your dog, Bruno, who looks much like mine.

Somehow brown labs just seem to fit into their surroundings!

Your sapling is absolutely adorable ...

I am adding your blog to my garden blog links!!!

LadyLuz said...

Hi Green Thumb. Somehow your link disappeared on my blog and I've had a job putting it back.

Lovely to visit you again and see the beautiful Spring plants...and your budding gardener sapling.

Verena said...

I just found your blog over Kate´s blog and just want to say hello!
I like your photos very much and I saw that you have roses too. I´m a rose-addicted and I was wondering if your roses are still blooming now in March? Or is it a picture from former summer?
Hope to see you at my blog,
nice greetings from Austria, Verena

Green thumb said...

Thanks Nicole. I am sure you'll get the sapling soon.
I'm glad you liked them Thalia but your gorgeous Tigers of Kanha are stunning.
I guess its the temperature difference dear Yolanda. Despite that your Garden is sooo enviable!
Welcome Kate and Verena. Thanks for stopping by. I loved your blogs and will continue visiting.Thanks for the link too Kate.
Thanks dear Ladyluz. I appreciate the effort you had to put in to relink me. I hope it does not happen again. I missed you in your sabbatical from blogging.

Hayden said...

very much enjoyed my 'look around' here, and will be back.

there is something in deep, clear blues that do lift 'the blues.' maybe because they remind one of sky and water, and that must intrinsically soothe the soul.

OldRoses said...

Your garden is lovely as is your blog. Would you be interested in adding it to Garden Voices on GardenWeb? If you are not familiar with it, it's a collection of gardening blogs from all over the world. Please email me ( you have any questions. I am the editor of the page and always on the lookout for great new blogs to add.

Green thumb said...

Dear Hayden and Oldroses,Welcome to my blog.
Oldroses,it would be a great pleasure for me to be included in the Gardenvoices family.Please include me in the list.
Thanks for your nice words, Hayden.

Gotta Garden said...

I feel better seeing your pictures, too!

I'm enjoying seeing things that wouldn't be hardy here, I don't think...isn't that bottlebrush cheery! And, the blue flowers...such great color!

namrita said...

hi loved ur garden and ur spirit keep it up. i am new to this world of plants, trying to develop my kitchen garden and lawn. can u pl suggest plants n vegetables which should be planted now in India. i am based in west bengal


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