Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Garden of five senses

As plant lovers, maybe, we all fantasize about having a garden with an assortment of different kinds of plants yet there is a limit to which we can realize our fantasies howsoever economically endowed one might be. Well maintained Public Parks come reasonably close to help us enjoy our dreams as I discovered while enjoying walk in one such park in New Delhi. Aptly named “The Garden of five senses” the park had some really beautiful flowers in full bloom filling the evening air with their heavenly aroma. Thankfully it was the month of March, and the garden was blooming, with the colors of spring all over. No! It is definitely not a desert, at least not yet! (Although it just might soon be, considering the global warming and lack of rains); this ‘ship of desert’ was enjoying the sun right at the centre of the garden. Later, I found that the camel was hired by the authorities for the children to enjoy a ride Now that was an interesting find! This low spreading tree was teeming with mini-chandelier like flowers. Still searching for its name though. Its heart shaped leaves resemble those of Disanthus but the flowers are quite different. These beautiful cacti and succulents were providing perfect contrast to the flowering plants. Agaves and Yuccas were basking in the glory of evening sun. Finally, this beautiful specimen(which is actually a fountain!) created by man, attempting to mimic nature, was standing romantically against the backdrop of setting sun. >


teresa g. said...

Thank you for your visit and your very nice comment on my blog. It is interesting to know a gardener from India, your country is fascinating, and for the little I know of it, I belive your natural landscape is also fantastic.

It is funny, yesterday I was here and thought - this is an interesting blog and i will come back - although I left no comment! And next you found me!

Have a nice weekend!

kate said...

Ah the camel made me smile! I love the profusion of nasturiums in bloom. The agaves and yuccas are gorgeous ... I wish that I lived in a warmer climate. I suppose I can just come and see your pictures and read your blog instead!!

A wildlife gardener said...

Thanks for the tour of exotic plants.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Thank you for a lovely walk through this wonderful garden dear Green Thumb! I enjoy seeing gardens that are so very different from the ones we have here and to see their unique beauty!

Love the camel, I rode one in Egypt and in Tunesia a long time ago.

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Hello, your have a dreamfully garden. The idea with the stones for the boarders ist very fine. I will come again to your blog and wish you a happy summer. Greetings from Germany, Birgit

Tira said...

Thanks for another interesting post. I particularly like the architectural yucca.
You should check out the pics of le jardin de cinq sens, in Yvoire, France ( where I did go, at the urging of a friend, and had a most memorable visit)

Gowri said...

Those were lovely flowers! The "chandelier" flowers are really intriguing, as you say. It's such a coincidence that you went to visit a park and got all these pics, as I too had been to my city's finest garden "Lalbagh" and have got pictures. I shall put them up on my blog soon.

Andrea's Garden said...

Hello, i would have loved to take a walk thru this garden with you! As always I enjoy every visit to your page! Greetings from Germany, Andrea

Anonymous said...

Oh I have always loved nasturiums. They are pretty in a salad too.

LadyLuz said...

The chandelier flowers are lovely - looking just like a posh mop! And the nasturtiums are a great splash of colour around the tree. I hope mine look as good as yours when they're ready to bloom.

Green thumb said...

Welcome to India Garden dear jardineira!
The natural landscape in India is quite diverse. I hope I can convey a bit of it through my blog.

Thanx for appreciation dear Kate. Living in a warm climate, I yearn for colder days, I wish I could trade places with you.

Thanx for visit W.G.

Yup dear Yolanda, it is such a nice feeling to see different places with their individual beauty-the kind of pleasure I have on visiting Bliss.

Thanx dear Birgit,Its so kind of you to comment on my blog despite the language difference.

Thanx Nicole, that was a beautiful site you suggested. Luvd all the pics, I can see why your visit was so memorable.

Dear Thalia, I have been to Lal baug and loved it immensely. It was way back in 1995. Looking frward to your post.

Thanx for those beautiful words dear Andrea. I`ll luv to have that walk with you.

Dear Becky, you are so right, nasturtiums are pretty everywhere; garden or salads.

'Posh mop' that's an interesting analogy dear Ladyluz.
I am sure your nasturtiums will look even better when they grow up.

Anonymous said...

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Dimpy Roy said...

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