Monday, May 14, 2007

Garden Bloggers Blooms day

Here comes another 15th day of the month and thanks to the Garden Blogger’s bloom day,I gave my garden another comprehensive look.While preparing the blooms' list I was pleasantly surprised by the number of blooms in my garden,all thanks to you Carol.Here goes my list: My Adenium obesum showcasing its vibrant pink bloom. The Caladium flower,thogh not a typical flower in terms of form and colours,but having a beauty of its own. Rangoon creeper or the ‘Madhumalti vine’, as it is known in hindi,is one of my favorites. Its heavenly aroma combines with the night breeze to make the night time stroll in the garden a sensuous pleasure Bougainvillea, with those stunningly colored, papery blooms is a summer savior. It adds color to the garden swathing it with its myriad hues. The white Hibiscus with its pristine white color looks simply beautiful. China Rose or Bunga Raya or hibiscus rosa sinensis , a favorite of biology teachers in high school to teach basic botany b'coz of the simplicity with which its parts are arranged by nature. Hibiscus is widely used in Hindu worships as a flower offering to deities The Gerbera flower with its overlapping ray florets.An interesting fact is that the central capitulum is made up of many individual flowers. Petunias continue giving me company and feature in my Blogger’s bloom day post for the third time in succession. My first Canna lily of the season.Any summer garden is incomplete without these gorgeous flourescent yellow flowers.The ease with which they can be grown here gives them an edge over all other summer blooms. Plumbago, again an essentially tropical evergreen shrub, has just given out these cute light blue flowers. This post has instilled a feeling of immense satisfaction in me. My garden is fighting the intense summer heat and is ,quite literally, coming out with flying colours!


Carol Michel said...

You do have a lot of bright, pretty flowers. I will have my post up in a bit, so you can leave a comment there so others can find you. Thanks for participating again!

Tira said...

Congrats on all your lovely blooms. I first saw and smelled Rangoon creeper last year at a nature resort-I took home one cutting and one seedling, both of which caught-no flowers yet, but looking forward to it. What an enchanting flowering vine when in bloom!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I think my favorite is the hibiscus, it is quite lovely.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a lovely display of blooms from your garden dear Green Thumb. We have two plants in common I see, the Plumbago (that flowers in my conservatory) and that hot pink Petunia. Love that Hibiscus and well, I love them all actually. ;-)

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

What a lot of beautiful blooms you have. Stop by and see my slideshow of spring blooms.

Susan said...

I am amazed to see how many flowers your garden has in common with gardens in Austin, Texas. The only ones I have in my garden are plumbago (which I forgot to include in my bloom day list, I now realize but which is blooming), petunias and bougainvillea, but many gardens here feature hibiscus, cannas, and caladiums. I'll have to look at a map of India to get a better sense of where you are.

I'm glad I clicked through from your comment on Bliss to see your bloom day flowers.

— Susan from South of the River

Verena said...

Your Canna look beautiful, they have such an intensive colour. Normally I don´t like yellow flowers very much, but this is an exception - I love them!
All the other flowers like hibiscus and bugavillea are very difficult to get through the winter for us in Austria and so they never will be as big as yours :-)!
Lots of greetings, Verena

A wildlife gardener said...

Wonderful, exotic rich colours! Thanks for sharing them.

Unknown said...

How lovely to be able to enjoy bougainvillea outdoors, Green Thumb! I feel warmer just looking at your photos (we have the threat of wet snow mixed in with today's rains--and temperatures of around 40 F rather than 40 C like you have.)
I've never seen caladium flower before, and it's curiously delightful.

Entangled said...

Very pretty! I tried growing bougainvillea as an annual one year, but it didn't work out. I'll just have to admire them from afar. [sigh]

Andrea's Garden said...

hello GreenThumb, I must say the "name" fits you. You do have quite a thumb for gardening. As I have said it is amazing how some of the plants growing in your garden can only be found indoors in Europe due to our climate. I love the Hibiskus and Bougainville myself. The Hibiskus is not yet in my garden, but I believe not too much longer. Best regards from Germany, Andrea

Gowri said...

Dear Green Thumb, it's amazing to see so many flowers in your garden, blooming despite the heat! Lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

Green thumb: Just discovered your site from Tropical Embellishments site! How exciting to see what is blooming so beautifully in India! Thanks for sharing your garden!

LadyLuz said...

I just popped by to see what was growing in your garden and was thrilled to see we share so many at this time of year...hibiscus, bouganvillea, petunias. Our hot Levante wind is blowing from N. Africa at the moment, so have to protect them to stop the moisture being sucked out of everything.

Your garden looks stunning.

teresa g. said...

I almost envy you, because all your plants bloom much earlier than ours! Beautiful!

kate said...

I love the light blue of the Plumbago, a shrub grown annually here. Your Hibiscus are beautiful - I like the white form. It is uncommon here. The Rangoon creeper is beautiful ... I am wondering what its scent is like. The Caladium flower is unusual and delightful in its own way.

Your garden is coming through the hot season with more than flying colours - I'd say it is a stellar time in your garden!

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Greenthumb. Like Susan, I'm an Austin, Texas gardener, and also like Susan, I'm interested to see that there are many plants in your garden that are favorites here in Austin, too.

You and I each have Hibiscus [in different forms], petunias, cannas, caladium and plumbago. I've not had the chance to see [or catch the fragrance] a Rangoon creeper but have had friends tell me they've seen wonderful specimens in Coastal Texas, to the south.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your garden.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Yes, flying colors! And so very vibrant. Very pretty.

What kind of medicine do you practice? I once worked with two wonderful doctors from India.

Garden Cats + Crafts said...

Dear Green Thumb, you have a lot of beautiful flowers in your garden. I see, that you work with love in your garden. Your Canna is so lovely. I love it.

Green thumb said...

Carol: thanks for the praise, and ofcourse, for initiating the great idea.

Nicole: Definitely, it looks enchanting when in flower. I hope yours catches flower pretty soon.

robin: welcome to indiagarden! Thanks for the nice comment. I too love Hibiscus, so pretty and so easy to grow here in this part of the world.

Yolanda: Delighted to know dear that we have two plants in common. Its my privilege, to have something similar to what you have, in my garden.

crafty gardener: thanks for the lovely comment. I did stop by your blog and the slide show is swell! enjoyed the spring bloom with some soothing music in the background!

Susan: Welcome to indiagarden! I have been a regular to your wonderful blog but was too lazy to leave a comment. My place is to the north side of India, almost at the foothills of mighty Himalayas, which makes the soil here relatively fertile.
It is really amazing. Geographically we are poles apart, yet our flora has so much in common. Call it Globalisation!!!

verena: Hi! and thanks for keeping the yellow canna an exception in your dislikes. Greetings, Indiagarden.

Wildlife Gardener: Thanks for the appreciation.

Jodi: welcome to indiagarden dear Jodi. Bougainvillea generally grow as an out door plant here, often grown to cover the outer boundary walls of the houses.

Entangled: Thanx dear! Again, I think its the weather that makes all the difference- Although, I personally, yearn for cooler climes.

Andrea: Thank you so much for such endearing words. May be it would be a bit conceited to accept that title literally although being a 'Greenthumb' is what I aspire for.

Thalia: Thanx dear. The real pain is to tend to plants in such tempratures but on seeing them bloom-every ounce of that pain simply evaporates!

Layanee: Welcome and thanks for the visit.

Ladyluz: I always thought that heat was never a problem in Europe! Here too we are facing dry heat right now but in another 15-20 days the humidity will increase sharply, to preceede monsoons.

Jardineira aprendiz: Thank you so much. It is really exciting to have someone from the beautiful country of Portugal commenting on my blog.

Kate: Thanks dear for those sweet encouraging words. Rangoon creeper has a sweet fragrance and it sort of lingers in the night air.

Annie in Austin: Dear Annie its an absolute honour to be visited by you. I have admired your blog for a long time and it was a pleasant surprise to find your comment on mine. As I said earlier, in response to susan's comment, I too am intrigued by the similarities in flora even at such distances!

Becky: I practise family medicine and am working for Indian Government health services as a Medical officer.

Birgit: Thank you dear Birgit for the nice words.

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