Monday, June 4, 2007

Colours of Summer

Its peak summer time and temperatures hover around 44-46 degree Celsius. Hot winds from the northwest direction (called ‘loo’ in the local parlance) are in full flow. Working outdoors is exhausting, as the heat tends to sap the energy out besides dehydrating the body. Looking at the brighter side- the weather cannot get any worse! Time to sit back and enjoy the colors in my garden and wait patiently for the arrival of ‘monsoon’ (southwest winds laden with moisture which bring heavy rains in late June and July). Sunflowers, so appropriately named! Withstanding the heat and staring the scorching sun in face, can only be named a ‘sunflower’. The background appears blue. I don’t know if it was a quirk of the camera or the light conditions conspired to produce this effect, but as it looked beautiful I decided to persist with. The freshly emerging leaf of ‘Canna-lily’, unfolds gradually to welcome the rays of the sun. Celosia or the Cockscomb plant with its beautiful leaves awaits the first flower, but with leaves so colorful who cares for the flower! The Ball lily, in a riot of red looks so gorgeous and glamorous. The ‘Kochia’ magnificent in green, not really a ball yet possessed with that plump ball like look akin ball lily. A favorite of the butterflies, who brave the heat to enjoy the flower, Zinnia iholds the place of pride in my summer garden. Pilea, or the watermelon plant, providing comfort to thirsty eyes. ‘Amaltas’ ,so aptly named Golden Shower tree is a ubiquitous presence on Indian roads. The tree is not from my garden but several of them are planted nearby adding beauty to the summer landscape with their endearing yellow flowers.


Andrea's Garden said...

Hello, had to stop by and see what's new. 40°+ weather - wow. Here we are complaining about 30° in Germany. We have had a dry spell which is very unusual for spring time. Your red dahlia is unbelievable. I have never seen one like it before.

kate said...

I can't quite imagine what it is like to garden with such hot temperatures. The good thing is that you can still grow such lovely plants - I love the Ball Lily. It looks like an exotic Allium - with an incredible colour. I had to smile when I saw your Pilea ... I have one as a houseplant. It spends the summer outside and then is back indoors when the temperatures begin falling.

The Zinnias add a lovely burst of colour that must be very welcome too!

I can see why you'd be anticipating monsoon season!!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Good grief, 44 to 46 Celsius, no wonder people are tired, that is just far too hot for working outdoors.

Does the monsoon also bring cooler temperatures?

Love the pic of the sunflowers with the blue background, magical!

I'm amazed your garden still looks so green! Love your flowers, so very colourful!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Every time I read your blog I am amazed at the number of plants that grow in both of our gardens, a half a world away! As gardeners we have so much in common.

A wildlife gardener said...

Fabulous garden, green thumb! I am always amazed at all that grows in your intense heat. We are sitting at 8 degrees to day!...and it's our summer too!

yum said...

Its really cool how the sunflower picture turned out!!!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice to see a lady of a different profession with so much interest and love for gardening. Kalimpong in West Bengal is the place for you to see the lovely nurseries and flowers here.

Gowri Mohanakrishnan said...

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Nasreen said...

hi, i am from Hyderabad. i want to pot some plants in my balcony. as you know, it summer here. what would be best? the balcony faces the sun. but i can get some cover, if need be. just need some green and color. thnx a bunch!!

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