Saturday, November 24, 2007

Welcome Winters

November is about to end, and there is a wintry excitement in the air. Wintry-excitement might sound like an oxymoron to the western garden bloggers, considering the dull dreary winters there, but the North Indian summers are so exasperating that one doesn’t mind the chill of winter air-at least I don’t. Sun is not scorching anymore...though still shining brightly. Roses are enjoying the drop in temperature to the fullest, rewarding my garden with exuberant blooms. Ornamental Peppers are turning a fiery shade of fiery as their taste. The Garlic vine or Cydista aequinoctialis ,a harbinger of winters, blooms, spraying its very mild, and if I may add, not-so-pleasant garlicky aroma to the surroundings; Marigold's blooming time is perfect.It forms an integral part of Indian festive decorations. Lady of the Night, or Cestrum Nocturnum spreads its intoxicating aroma as the night falls. Bougainvillea basks in the sunshine.... Poinsetttia gearing up my garden for Christmas. And how can I forget the 'Mums' of Garden, Chrysanthemums, blooming in myriad shades and colours. The green leafy veggies, like mustard, fenugreek, spinach, ready for harvest; All in all, my plants are very excited about the coming winters...and I am excited too!!


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hello Green Thumb, oh... I envy you. So many frowers in the garden and all those lovely greens ready to harvest. Fenugreek hm.. I wonder if I could grow them here during our summer? In February I'll come and visit your country and i'm so excited!

My Chutney Garden said...

Every time I visit, I am amazed at the similarity between India and Trinidad. Our plants are almost all the same. That's so interesting because i really identify with my landscape and it's so strange to think of the same terrain all the way across the world. You have beautiful flowers and I envy your dip in temperature because so many of our orchids don't bloom as well as they should because we seldom drop below 30degrees Celsius.
Lovely to visit you again,

Julie said...

Oh, your gardens are lovely...I am amazed you have enough time in a day with work and a small child. My four kids are grown now, so I can find more time. I admire you! Thanks for sharing all of your hard work! I listed you in my links.

Miranda Bell said...

I can relate to your comments about welcoming some cooler weather - usually summers in northern France are pretty hot - especially if you're out working through the middle of the day - some of my favorite weather is at this time of year leading through to spring. Lovely pictures by the way... Miranda

Anitha said...

Your garden is so pretty. Beautiful flowers & home grown vegetables..Wow...That is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Lovely gardens and a great blog to read.

Here in Florida I wait for the late fall and winter to enjoy time outside in my little garden. The growing season here is quite long so I try to take advantage and grow what I can.

Thank you for sharing your garden.

Swati said...

Completely agree that winters are more than welcome in our country!!
An escape from the un-ending summers!
U've clicked some beautiful the ornamental peppers..they really look pretty

Annie in Austin said...

We temporarily share some flowers, Green Thumb - like the Cestrum and roses - but I don't think you will get a freeze, and I'm pretty sure that we will.

The garlic vine looked so intriguing that I had to look it up. It's in the same family as the Desert Willow seen around Austin - the flowers are quite similar.

Enjoy the relief from the heat! Our cool nights mean feeling cozy under a blanket instead of barely tolerating the weight of a thin sheet.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Matron said...

I am intrigued that as soon as you get a drop in temperature, your flowers bloom! It is the opposite here, they don't bloom until it is warm enough. A fascinating world perspective through blogging.

Ewa said...

Hi, I am new here and I see some wonderful pictures and beautiful flowers. That garlic ivy and ornamental pepper are so interesting to me. None of them will grow in my zone6.

Marie said...

A lot of beautiful flowers! We have no flowers left, it's to cold. But I have some in my livingroom.

Have a nice weekend :)

kate said...

I just lost my comment - I seem to be having trouble with Blogger these days.

I can understand why you'd enjoy winter - your plants bloom and the weather is more bearable. Besides the sun continues to shine. That is what I find so hard at this time of year - we have less sunshine and combined with the cold, it gets dreary.

The Poinsettia looks so much better in the ground than in pots in the grocery stores. It is hard to imagine that the Garlic Vine can have an unpleasant scent when the flowers are so striking. The ornamental pepper are a beautiful colour. I would love to see Bougainvillea growing outdoors!

Andrea's Garden said...

Roses blooming, Pointsettas just growing outdoors ... I am jealous, but I understand that you are ready for cooler temperatures. :-) thanks for sharing! Andrea

Sue Swift said...

I love the garlic vine - I wonder if it would survive here if I had it growing against the wall and covered it in fleece in the winter? Might work in a mild winter. But would I have all the neighbours complaining about the smell :)

What sort of minimum temperatures do you have there, Green Thumb - and for how long?

Aiyana said...

I especially love the Garlic Vine. It's the first I've seen.

Anonymous said...

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Chrissie said...

Hello, I have found my way to your blog via friends :-) It is so nice to see your beautiful flowers at this time of year. I have bought a poinsettia but will, of course, have to keep it indoors :-)The ornamental peppers look great!

teresa g. said...

I also live in south, but not as south as you do, so we also have dull winters, because it is cold enough and days are small enough for plants to stop growing. This year, as the last ones, we are having some flowers, but this is not so normal, maybe it is because winters have been abnormally mild. So, like many of your visitors I envy your garden colors!

All your plants look beautiful, but my favourite is ornamental pepper, it looks so cute!

Did you know we call indian carnations to marigolds?! Maybe because of the way you use it. In here they die in winter, so we don't have its flowers now.

Have a nice weekend!

Tira said...

What a totally lovely and scrumptious garden!The roses are beautiful as are the shots of the garlic vine and bougainvillea. And I am sure you enjoy the cestrum as much as I do. Your greens make me wish I had time to sow some seeds before I left from my Asian trip!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hurray, at long last I've been able to access your blog!!!! For some reason it would not show on my screen for the past week or two. I'm glad I persevered as there is so much to see and enjoy in your winter garden at the moment. I love the flowers of the Garlic vine, pity about the scent though. ;-) The ornamental peppers look very Christmassy at this time of year.

It's great to see that your roses are very happy now that the temperature has dropped.

Your Cestrum sounds like a wonderful plant to have, I love night scented flowers, well, day scented ones too. :-)

Dear Green Thumb, I wish I could have yummy harvests like you are enjoying at the moment. It seems that your garden comes to life at the same time that mine dies down.

Happy gardening!

mightymatt1313 said...

I never saw anything like the garlic vine. You took a beautiful picture! I wonder if grows in zone 8??

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