Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Foggy thoughts....

Why can’t I feel Global warming? It has become a fad to discuss environment and Global warming. The movers and shakers of this world have held a meet in Copenhagen for the same; hopefully, something concrete will come out from all these efforts. But, ironically all the perils of Global warming are being discussed when we shiver in the severest winter seen since a long time. The minimum temperature had touched 0 degrees C on the New Year day – something totally unprecedented and hence a hot topic of discussion – and it has been almost a fortnight since Sun shone properly. A hazy landscape enveloped in a dense fog greets the eyes every morning. On New Year I vacationed in the warm cozy desert cities of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner, the weather there was quite warm in the day and a little cool in the night, but nothing prepared me for the blast of cold air that greeted me as I got down at the Saharanpur Station in the morning. Needless to add that by the time I got back, my beloved plants had wilted into submission to the cruelty of early January weather. Icy winds are lashing outdoors and Sun has taken a sabbatical behind the clouds; the warmth of the heating system is helping thaw the body frozen from an outdoor errand. I guess I will have to surf some blogs from the south of equator to give that additional warmth!


islandgal246 said...

Green Thumb Happy New year to you and your family. It seems that many subtropical places are experiencing extreme cold at this time. I would gladly welcome a few cooler days on my side of the world. Florida seems to be under ice at the moment. Today is the first day of rain for about a month and am smiling ear to ear. You may have to cover some of your favorite plants or bring them into a warmer area like your house/patio. Check out the Florida gardening forum on garden web for ideas on how to cover your plants...some use sheets, blankets and special thermal materials. Hoping that the sun will soon shine on your garden.

Chandramouli S said...

Zero in UP????!!! Whoa! I heard only Delhi and the places above get so cold! Though it's oh so cold, it sounds fun! It's colder than usual here in Madras too! Which again is a surprise. Madras's weather is awesome for a change!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Zero C where you live? Amazing! Here we are experiencing a very cold winter too wild lots of snow and frosts. We used to have those when I was a little girl but hardly ever since, so a real winter is quite a surprise.

Today was very foggy and cold, minus 3 during the day. It felt colder due to the fog. Chilled to the bones.

Tira said...

Brrr that sounds really cold for UP! Here our December is actually not as cool as usual, some days feel like hot summer days. I do find your misty photos quite beautiful

Vireya said...

Don't read any blogs from Melbourne, they will be full of complaints about the hottest overnight low ever! (30.6, which the plants don't mind, but the hot wind the day before scorched everything in the garden.)

Julie said...

Yes, look south of the equator!!! Not here. We have had near record lows here. My last post shows a poor Iguana that died by falling or freezing to death when it was 32degrees F here a few nights. We and our poor iguanas are not used to such temps. LOL.

Hang tight...soon we will be too warm again, right???

Anonymous said...

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Steve Asbell said...

Global Warming and cooling has gone on for all of time; people should spend more efforts on conservation efforts. By the way, this is the coldest winter anyone in Florida can remember so far. I live in zone 9 and its been below freezing for at least two weeks.

Anonymous said...

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Rajee Sood said...

Don't know about below the equator ... I'm glad you were atleast looking below tropic of cancer ... thankyou soooooo .... much for such a lovely comment on my blog ... I can imagine the cold ... glad I haven't yet had a touch down at Delhi...;)
Was curious to know how Bruno is taking it all... my Aimee is in for some chilling times,again ... I never find a coat her size ... :)

Ever Green Tree said...

Ditto in Lucknow.... we haven't seen a single clear sunny day in the last 15 odd days. Hoping for some sunshine post Lohri!

Happy Lohri n Thx for the comment on my blog!

A wildlife gardener said...

Happy New Year, dear Green Thumb :)

Such beauty, even in the lower temperatures of late... :)

Come and see all the wildlife I have been photographing during our minus 20 degrees temperatures...


Green thumb said...

Islandgal - Thanks for providing that very useful link. Though I have been lamenting about the cold weather but personally I too will any day prefer this kind of weather over the exasperating summers we have. Wish you some cooler days, dear Helen.
Chandramouli - Delhi and above! Well, saharanpur is definitely above, at least in latitude. Cold is fun, but only when seen from warm indoors…outside its Brrr… Wish I was in Chennai right now!

Yolanda Elizabet – minus 3 during the day! Here I was talking about the minimum ever touched. The day temperatures at the height of cold, which was a couple of days back, was in the range of 13-16 degree C. These temperatures were disconcerting enough for me. I feel the winters here must feel more like early summers to you!

Nicole – Thanks, Nicole. It has been unusually cold, especially when we are expecting the weather to get progressively warmer because of global warming.

Vireya - Hahaha…dear Vireya, I extend my sympathies. It always intrigues me to see that where we shudder in cold, Melbourne smolders from the hot winds!

Julie - Hi Julie! Very true, soon we will be warm and a little later we will be crying hoarse about the heat. That is the fun of living in extremes of weather, you have different reasons to cry about, everytime:-0

Rainforest Gardener - Below freezing for at least two weeks! You make it sound as if at mainly above zero temperatures I am having a nice warm time!!!

Rajee - Hi Rajee! I am an ardent admirer of your interior designing skills, and so the privilege to see below the tropic of cancer is all mine. Bruno mostly stays indoors and even when I manage to wrap him in a sweater he does a Houdini and is out of the cloth in a jiffy.

Evergreen Tree - I hope the prayers for sunshine have been answered, as here, keeping with the spirit of Makar Sankranti, Sun God has decided to oblige and is out in full glory.

Wildlife Gardener - Thank you, dear W.G. Your words always warm me up, no matter what the temperatures be outside

Jan said...

I'm confused about the term global warming...perhaps it is a misnomer, since cycles have been going on throughout history. It's been cold here as well, probably more so than last year. I hope you will enjoy your blog-reading time while you can't enjoy being outdoors. I know when the weather isn't ideal for outside entertainment, blog reading can be just the ticket;-)

Anonymous said...

very useful post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Sunita Mohan said...

Those first 2 photos look lovely and dreamy but, oh the last one .. how heart-breaking for you!
I had no idea that it gets so cold in your area. I'm shivering just reading about it.

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