Sunday, December 5, 2010

Moving on...

Life moves at a very interesting pace when things happen in the garden. I have planted the seeds which i had stored in last season. The beds are ready. Today we had the first fog of the season, quite prematurely in fact; fog is not to be expected before mid December here. Spinach is growing in plenty and that must be the situation everywhere in this area because a lot of my neighbours have asked me if i can use some Saag - a pureed spinach preparation, commonly eaten in North India. After a long time I had the luxury of visiting local nursery yesterday. The nursery owner had - to my utter surprise - brought in some Tulip bulbs, along with Irises and Hyacinths. I had been dying to grow Tulips here. All the lovely blogs, even some of the Indian ones, feature their gorgeous Tulips. I do not know if they will grow in my climatic conditions but i will have the satisfaction of having given them a try. Besides the exotic ones i also got some Marigolds. I plan to plant them between the Mums, so that when, by spring it is time for Mums to wither, the Marigolds would be in bloom. And then there was this little birdie tip toeing her way around the garden; I haven’t seen it before but was completely enamored by its furtive walk. The bird was obviously happier on the ground as it made no attempts to fly despite my presence there. The pleasant outdoors in North Indian winters are capped by these unexpected bonuses. Things are picking up slowly. Winters have begun and till now the temperatures are cool and comfortable. The days ahead will see the mercury plummeting further and one will need all the will power to get up and get going....but the prospect seems inviting to me:-)


Nancy said...

Good luck with your tulips. I have read that the secret to growing tulips is you must plant them in an open spot where they will get some neglect. They thrive in harsh conditions (central Asia) and most people make the mistake of putting them in the perennial bed where they get too much water, fertilizer, and attention.

Vireya said...

Here people put tulip bulbs in the fridge for a few weeks over winter before planting them, as it doesn't get cold enough for them outside.

tiragreene said...

Your garden is looking cool and fresh. Hope all your bulbs come up lovely-my clime is way too hot and dry for tulips.

Green thumb said...

Nancy Yos - welcome to my blog, dear Nancy. Thanks for enlightening me on growing Tulips.'Neglect' is something I shower most of my plants with; Tulips won't be allowed to be an exception:-)

Vireya - Thanks Vireya, that sounds logical. I will keep some bulbs aside to give this idea a try.

Tiragreene - Thanks Tira, even here I am not very optimistic about the Tulips, but wanted to give it a try.

Julie said...

Oh, my...isn't it wonderful that you are so open to the colder air that will be coming your way? It has been chilly here, and we are expecting another cold front tomorrow night down into the 30's! I guess I will be covering a few plants! I do not like the TOO COLD times of year...a nice 70-72 would be great all year long, in my estimation! LOL.

Julie said...

P.S. Good luck with your tulips!!! Will be fun to see what will happen!!! Keep us posted!

Shraddha said...

welcome winter with enthusiasm , it is pleasure to read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Love the look of your garden in the fog. Everything looks so promising. Good luck with the tulips! Our nurseries don't have/bring them! But I did get lilium bulbs this year.

Your visitor is the white-breasted water hen. Is there a water body in your area? There's a marshy plot of land in our locality and we often see these birds. Furtive is the word for them.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Happy gardening!

Unknown said...

The bird tiptoeing its way is a white breasted is a marsh bird and by the way those birds on the eucalyptus are not eagles they are black kites.if you notice carefully you will find that they have forked tails which is an identifying feature of kites.also good luck with the tulips.

Green thumb said...

Julie - I would have frozen alive in those temperatures! May you get to the nice 70-72 soon.

Shraddha - Hi Shraddha! Yes dear, I am trying my best to welcome the dreary weather with all the enthusiasm i can amass.

kanak - Thanks for enlightening! I saw this bird for the first time in my locality; i guess the hygiene standards are going down.

Sarban - Thanks Sarban. I was also rather confused between Eagles and Kites, but thanks to the knowledgeable you, the confusion is now resolved.
P.S - It is flattering to have someone visit/remember an old post.

radha said...

This was my hobby in my school/college days, when we had a huge backyard. Every vacation, I would prepare the beds, plant the seeds and wait for the results. But some point of time, academics took over and after a first crop, it got difficult to maintain them. But back I was the next vacation, all over... I wish I could do it again. But I live in an apartment now!

walk2write said...

Your garden soil looks so rich. Have you been amending it for a long time, or is it alluvial? I agree that the colder temps are welcome this time of year. We live in northern Florida, and the summers here can be brutal. This year, though, the extreme cold has started much earlier, and the higher heating costs over the extended season will not be so welcome. I'm looking forward to reading your other blog once you begin posting on it.

Cosmos said...

The bird is 'White-Breasted Waterhen' You can read about it here in my blog post:

A wildlife gardener said...

Thank you for visiting Our Little Corner Of Paradise this year, dear Green Thumb :)

Just popped by during the run up to Christmas to wish you all the best, and happy gardening in 2011…WG :)

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Layanee said...

I love seeing your 'nibblers'. Put on the layers and keep warm.

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