Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Green is my valley

We are almost into September and the landscape here is replete with an abundance of Green. A pleasant sight, thanks to the wonderful rainy season we had, though it does make keeping the garden organized a heavy job. In India Monsoons have always been very important determinant of crop production and many a political fortunes have been made and destroyed depending on the quantum of monsoon rains. Despite the advancement and the heavy talk of maintaining a 8% growth rate, we are a primarily agrarian economy. All the scientific advancements haven't been able to make weather prediction 100% accurate, it remains an imperfect and largely unreliable science; and so a good rainy season is always a pleasant surprise...a reason to rejoice. The plants and the garden in general seem to be echoing the general mood; beautifully bejeweled with tiny droplets, gleaming in the crystal clear post rainfall Sun.


Nic said...

Lovely images!

Marisa said...

Your garden looks lovely. We are just coming out of our dry season here in Brisbane,and I'm looking forward to that explosion of growth that comes with summer rains.

lotusleaf said...

The butterflies seem to be making the most of the sunshine in one of the photos! Your garden looks lovely. I know how the garden becomes a wilderness in the rain:(

Julie said...

Hello!!! Is your daughter back in school yet? My grandson started back this week! The summer sure flew by! Your rainy season looks devine! I can almost feel the plants rejoicing as they drink up the moisture when it happens here! Thanks for showing some of your really pretty succulents!

Tira said...

Very green and lovely! We have also been getting some rains so i can't wait to get back home to check out how my plants have been doing.

Green thumb said...

College Gardener - Thanks! The credit goes to monsoons though.

Marisa - Wishing you a good season ahead. I was checking the year round weather in your city, and, Oh my, what a beautiful weather you have! Enjoy your heavenly Haven.

Lotusleaf - Dear Padma, thank you so much for the comment. Glad you noticed the butterfly.

Julie - Hi Julie! Oh yes, the princess is back to work. Time surely flies when you are in the company of children. The plants are happy and their happiness is very contagious - everything seems to be smiling with them.

Nicole - Thanks for the visit, dear Nicole. I hope you are greeted by some really beautifully grown plants on your return back.

radha said...

Welcome back. Lovely pictures of the garden.

Anita Kumar said...

Beautiful pictures. Your garden looks fresh and green. I must add that your flower pots are very pretty too.

vijay shukla said...

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islandgal246 said...

With the rains come work and beauty. One cannot have beauty without work. Last year we were in a drought this year the rains have come. My dad was a meteorologist and my husband joked that this was one job that people are paid to be wrong.

Nima said...

Priyanka, your garden looks amazing...congrats for being featured in women web

Unknown said...

I am a doctor too and have recently got into gardening. And i absolutely adore lillies... If you could tell me where in SaharanPur or Doon or anywhere in North do you get the bulbs/plants from, i would be off to a good start. I have done my MBBS from HIMS and Now live in Delhi... Hoping for a reply soon.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Simple & beautiful words with pictures.Takes me on a nostalgic trip of the beautiful gardens in all the houses I lived in. Great post.

Deity said...

What a lovely garden. This is how I picture my garden in years to come. Wonderful stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why have you slowed posting on this blog? Your blog is a source of joy to like-minded people, a source of inspiration and dream. I too, am an urban dweller in India, and I too dream to have my own little garden.

In the meanwhile, I want to read your beautiful posts, and learn from them. Please keep posting more often - pictures or no pictures. Also please keep posting what you learn as a gardener in terms of taking care of your garden and so on.

Thanks and Regards

Unknown said...

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Kaden W. said...

Your pictures are awesome, such a beautiful garden is unbelievable. I'm writting right now in my blog about garden obelisks, this could be something for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, that is stunningly beautiful. We live in a very COLD area in the northeast US, but we are into everything green. Just lovely! Linda

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

of the 11 pics what is the name of the 4th pic plant (purple flower and little purple at the leaf...

flowers to india said...

it is looking great.

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Unknown said...

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You have a beautiful garden! Hope to see more pictures of it! =)

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