Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day JAN 2008

It is always wonderful to be a part of GBBD, so thoughtfully started by Carol at Maydreamsgardens. Looking at all the blooms, Photographing them, compiling them, makes you thank nature and also to feel fortunate for being able to appreciate nature’s bounty in your own garden. This GBBD being the first of a fresh New Year 2008 makes it all the more special. Winters, as they are not very severe in my part of the world, have allowed for the garden to be covered in some color:
Celosia plumosa
Salvia splendens


Frances, said...

Loved the bougainvillea, what a beautiful color. I wish that could be grown outside here in Tennessee, what an enchanting flower. Enjoyed your post.

kate said...

Your Gerbera is a beautiful colour as are your roses and bougainvillea. What is wonderful, too, is seeing blooms outdoors. It makes me long for spring and seeing some colour beyond white, brown and black.

Annie in Austin said...

I just knew you'd have a gardenful of lovely stuff to show us, Green Thumb ;-]

Since stock is in bloom, your temperatures may be in a more comfortable range now, right? I don't think they like too much heat.

Happy Blooming day!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol Michel said...

You are right, you have many blooms today, a treat to see from where we have just snow and cold right now.
Thanks for joining us for bloom day again!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Green thumb said...

Welcome to Indiagarden Frances. Thanks a lot for your lovely words on my Bougainvilleas. Yes they are enchanting, and I guess, it is the climate here which makes them of a ubiquitous presnce here in India.

Hi dear Kate! It is a thrill to be able to interact after a long gap. I missed all this a lot when my net was not working.
I can understand your longing for the spring, must be a bit depressing to be surrounded by all white and grey in this biting cold.

Hi Annie you are right about stock not liking much heat. The tempratures now are very cool and comfortable with the maximum hovering around 20C and the minimum nearabout 6C. Thanks for visiting.

You are welcome dear Carol. It is always a pleasure to participate in GBBD and thanks for the appreciation.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

I checked with you yesterday but your GBBD post wasn't up yet. Yes, I know, different time zones but hey, we both have roses in bloom so we're not that far apart. ;-) But I must admit that yours look better, mine are definitely on their last legs.

How wonderful to see Stock in flower at this time of year and that pretty bright red pelargonium too, such a sight on a gloomy winter's day.

Temperatures here are between 5 and 10 C during the day, so quite warm for the time of year.

Your Hibiscus is gorgeous, wish it would grow in my garden too.

Great post for GBBD!

gintoino said...

Great GBBD post. What wonderfull flowers! And that bouganvilea...what can I say? I've never seen it in that color (and we have lots of bouganvileas here in Portugal). Beautifull!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments on my post and I'm so happy to see you back posting. I laughed to see lantana on your post- I just think of it as such a Texas plant. But I forget, plants know no state or country boundaries, just hospitable conditions and loving gardeners.

Anonymous said...

Your blooms look just like those in an old fashioned Trinidad garden! Celosia and marigold sure brings back memories of childhood gardens. I also like the gold bougainvillea-I collect every colour I can find, but like the hot orange-golds a lot.

Andrea's Garden said...

Your blooms are so beautiful. In my part of the world we are just glad that the first round of snow disappeared which introduced us into the new year. It is nice to come here and see what will be in a few months. My bougainville is overwintering in the basement and I hope it will survive this time. Andrea

A wildlife gardener said...

How wonderful to see bougainvillea, pelargoniums, beautiful chrysanthemums and roses at this time of year, Dear Green Thumb!

I have been delayed in replying to your very kind words on my last post. Happy gardening in 2008 :)

Maverick24 said...

Dear Green Thumb - your blog has been a real inspiration for me. I live in Pune, India and have just started my own garden blog:

Please visit my blog and let me know your comments. Happy gardening!


Q said...

So wonderful to see all your flowers! I am thinking about joining "Blogger's Bloom Day"! It just looks like so much fun.

Marie said...

I love your garden photos. It's winter in my garden, I'm looking forward to spring.

Diana said...

So glad you are able to post again. I missed you and thought it was a problem on my end when I couldn't load your blog. You roses are stunning and I am amazed at home many things you have blooming in your garden. Did you bring in the plumeria and the succulents when it got down to 1 degree? My Plumeria over winters in the garage for several months. (I'm hoping for a greenhouse next year!)

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