Wednesday, March 26, 2008

An Extended Weekend

Beautiful weather, School Holidays and an extended weekend (on account of Good Friday being a Holiday), things were just perfect for a weekend outing. This time I decided to spend the weekend at my Aunt’s place in Dehradun. Dehradun is a beautiful valley nestled in the Himalayan Mountains. Although it is a distance of only 72Kms from the city I live in, but the fact that it is a valley makes its weather so much better and suitable for growing plants. It is a beautiful house and very well maintained; I especially loved the tastefully grown plants.That is the walkway to the house; perfect rectangular stone pieces fitting snugly in soft grass… A perfect setting to sit back in silent contemplation on a leisurely day … The Euphorbia Tirucalli and a wine coloured Begonia,so different from each other, blend here in complete harmony. A creeper with some lovely flowers and interesting leaves...but what's the name? Sedum Morganium in a hanging basket. A Begonia in a small pot. Chuparosa or Justica Californica trained on a pole with flowers hanging like little bells. Clover leaf plant-it grows as weed over here, but this dark coloured variety is rare and thus ornamental. It was a short but very satisfactory visit, although b'coz of time constraint, I didn't get to explore the outdoor locales of Dehradun much... but very soon I wish to visit Dehradun again to capture its scenic beauty in my camera. ( P.S.-The plant identified here as Justica Californica is actually Russelia equisetiformis or Firecracker Plant. Thanks Nicole for pointing out the correct I.D.)


Julie said...

Oh, I love that purple clover leaf!!! Are the white blooms coming from it??? WOW.

Also I must check to see if that Euphorbia Tirucalli is a Pencil looks very similar. I love to see them so large like this...but have been warned about the sap being so toxic to cause severe reactions! I have one...but am kind of afraid of it...was going to throw it out, but am too intregued!

I can see why you like to visit your Aunt...she has a lovely charming home and garden!

Green thumb said...

Dear Julie, thanx from your nice comment.The blooms are indeed of the clover, they are actually light mauve,they appear whitish in this photo. I knew you would love this, seeing your love for the clover plants.I too have a green clover with similar blooms growing as a weed here.
And yes, Euphorbia Tirucalli is the Pencil Plant and its poisonous too. It shouldn't find place in homes with small kids. But it does look very interesting.

Annie in Austin said...

Your Aunt's garden looks so pretty and private, Green Thumb - the hanging sedum is very cool!

A couple of clover-leaved Oxalis are grown as ornamentals in my Austin garden, but they only spread because I divide and replant them so are not weedy. I have a dark purple similar to your photo and a light green variety with white flowers.

It sounds as if you had a very good visit.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Tira said...

Wow, it is amazing the influence of British Colonialism and the Indian diaspora-I would have sworn that was a house, and plants, in Trinidad.
Glad you had a nice little getaway.
What you identified as Justica Californica is actually Firecracker Plant, or Fountain Plant
Russelia equisetiformis-but I see the similarities. I have both the red and cream and I love them.

A wildlife gardener said...

Oh, I love the peacefulness of your aunt's house and garden...and all the different textures of the house, plants and paving.

At last, we have one plant in common...the last one. It is an oxalis, a purple leaved shamrock plant. I grow it in a little pot indoors where it keeps its leaves all year round and flowers for months on end during our summer and autumn :)

kate smudges said...

Hello Green Thumb,

I enjoyed going on a tour with you through your aunt's garden. It is beautiful. The Euphorbia is stunning - as is the Firecracker Plant and the Sedum.

Nicole's comment was interesting - the British Colonial influence and how similar your aunt's place and one in Trinidad.

We learn much travelling through our blogs ... I'm glad you shared this garden, Green Thumb!

Chrissy said...

Beautiful blog and photos.

Anonymous said...

Even in your outing you were active in clicking it seems! I have seen this Firecracker as a big tree only! My name is actually that of a saint.

Katarina said...

What a nice place your aunt has!
The clover leaf plant is so sweet!
/Katarina at Roses and stuff

Anonymous said...

Your aunt's garden looks like the perfect hideaway for an extended weekend. Very pretty! Andrea

A wildlife gardener said...

There are now two posts about frogs on my blog for you to come and see, dear Green Thumb...and one is a little video :)

Anonymous said...

I Love your Blog.
All de fhotos are beautiful!
Canna Lily is so cute!

Do you want seeds from Brasil?
We can make a exchange?

Best regards

Anonymous said...
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