Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day March 2008

Now that’s one time of the year to which I look forward to very eagerly; its spring time folks! And the blooms are all ready to be caught on a camera to be displayed in a GBBD post. Gazanias and Dimorphotheca Bougainvilleas Candytuft Poppies Phlox Nasturtium Begonia Gerbera with Phlox Rose Daisies Mango blooms Pansies Kalanchoe Sweet Peas And finally my good luck charm


Carol Michel said...

Spring time is indeed a very colorful time in your garden. And that is a very cute "good luck charm" in that last picture. Thanks for joining us for bloom day again!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Katarina said...

Your Good Luck Charm is really something! So pretty! And the blooms in your garden - stunning. I've never seen a picture of a blooming mango before.So, thanks for sharing!
/Katarina (Roses and stuff)

Julie said...

Well, I see you saved the best for last!!! All are so pretty, but I especially liked your photo of nasturtium...I need to see if it will grow is so sweet and delicate the yellow color and the leaf shape and colors!

Frances, said...

My goodness, you have so many blooms, including your little charming charm! Is this your peak blooming season, or are you just getting started? It must be fairly tropical where you are for the bougainvilleas to be outside?

Frances at Faire Garden

Andrea's Garden said...

Hello, I am jealous, jealous, jealous, yet happy for you. :-) The flowers blooming in spring in India don't bloom until summer time over here. We are just now starting. Daffodils and hyacinths being the first. Cute good luck charm! Take care, Andrea

Anonymous said...

Wow, Green Thumb, seeing the wide variety of plants blooming for you right now is somewhat disorienting! But what a treat to enjoy all your beautiful flowers. And the mango tree is so interesting; I had no idea what one looked like. Thanks for sharing!

Green thumb said...

Carol - Thanx for the lovely words. To borrow from you; mine happens to be a Marchdreamsgarden!

Katarina – Thanx! My ‘good luck charm’ is absolutely thrilled. Mangoes are abundant in the place where I live and are regarded as the King of Fruits in my Country.

Julie – Thanx for appreciating the Nasturtiums, they are one of my favorites too, besides the last bloom, which as you said, is the best.

Frances – Hi! This is the peak blooming season here and will last for one more month, before the heat will force some of them to dry out. You are absolutely right, it is fairly tropical here.

Andrea – Thanx dear, your words makes me Blush! Take care.

Nan Ondra – Thanx for the visit. Glad that you liked the mango tree. Your own Helleborus are doing very well; at this pace it would be my turn to be disoriented in a month or two from now

Aiyana said...

Beautiful flowers, and the best one is the last! I really love your gazania. They always have such a wide array of colors and combinations. I just bought 4 more colors for my garden!

Surya said...

I like your Gazinias, Dimorphotheca, Phlox, and Pansies. My mother has a mango tree in her garden, but it haven't bloomed yet. My mother grow it in a pot.

Unknown said...

The colors are just beautiful- I especially love the colors of the bougainvilleas. And I'm planting poppies in the fall so I envy what you have now.

kate said...

I loved seeing some sweet peas ... it has been awhile since any have appeared on blogs.

Your Bougainvillea are so beautiful as are the poppies and phlox.

Best of all is your good-luck charm. She is growing up - what a sweetheart!

Annie in Austin said...

Hello green thumb - your blooming garden is spectacular! You seem to have plants that would bloom in late spring or different months of summer in other climates, yet they're happily blending together in March!

If I had to choose a favorite [in the chlorophyll-based section, not the cute little human!] the poppies and sweetpeas might win... I love both plants but have had very little success at growing them.

Hello to your good luck charm ;-]

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Anonymous said...

Love them all but you know which one is the 'sweetest of them all'! The little one wearing the skirt and the big smile!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a glorious plethora of blooms for GBBD. Poppies and Phloxes and Roses and Sweet Peas, all such wonderful flowers. Can't wait to see them in bloom in my garden.

BTW that's the best good luck charm I ever saw. ;-)

Esther Montgomery said...


I have just joined Blotanical.

I live in the South of England and thought, by coming to an Indian blog I would find something exotic - but it all looks shockingly English!

Best Wishes

Esther Montgomery


Tira said...

I am overwhelmed by all these lovely flowers. The bougainvilleas are so gorgeous with their vivid colors. I love the poppies, violas and sweetpeas, and of course the prettiest flower of all is in the last photo.
Hope you get lots of mangoes-ripe mango is one of my very favourite fruit. I have 2 small grafted trees, hopefully in a couple years I'll have lots of fruit.
I posted some new pics of PottRott

chinny said...


Anonymous said...

hi, your garden sure is beautful and so is your lucky charm.

would love to get in touch with you as i share the same proffession with you and the interst in gardening. I have been checking out your beautiful blog for some time now and i must say "i am lovin it"

i live in Delhi and have started serious gardening from this winter. will check you blog for your comments :)

Green thumb said...

Aiyana- Thanx for visiting. I think, of all flowers, Gazanias look the best in photographs.

Surya- Welcome to Indiagarden. I hope your Mango tree blossoms soon and then you can share the pics with us.

Bonnie- Thanx for dropping by. This happens to be the best season for flowers in India; it will be my turn to envy you in few months from now.

Kate- Thank you my ever-so-kind dear Kate. My charm is definitely growing up and I am hoping that soon enough she will be in a position to appreciate your lovely words.

Annie- Hello Dear! Everything about nature is simply magical; Flowers grow so easily in March here, without any fuss at all. While to have a flowering garden later requires a real effort.

Layanee- Hi there! Thanx for the flattering comment. The little one has an even bigger smile now:-))

Yolanda- Hi! Even I can't wait to see all this, and so much more, blooming at Bliss.

Esther- Welcome to Indiagarden. Well, that was an interesting observation. Maybe in this era of Globalisation, exoticism is redundant, and quite possibly extinct now which is well exemplified in the floral similarity in so many blogs albeit at different time spans.

Nicole- Thanx for visiting. I saw Pottrott's pics and he is sooo adorable. Mango is considered the King of fruits here in India and is the fruit I love most; hope you have lots and lots of them and then we will wait for those delicious Nicole-ish recipes of Mangoes.

Chinny- Thanx for visitng.

Anonymous- Thanx for appreciating and for taking this effort to leave the comment. I wish you had left your name.

Rob said...

What beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...


i meant to leave my name but dont know how things got mixed up....

today i meant someone who told me about the plant shows in delhi... this weekend. one is of cacti and another one is of bougainvilleas. i plan to visit those and make new friends



Sue Swift said...

Every time i see your posts, it makes me want to head straight for India Green Thumb!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Great photos, I especially love peony poppies and was surprised to see them!

Anonymous said...

Nossa que lindas flores!!!!!!!!
Está de parabens....
Neide - Brasil -

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